Global fashion begins at eco-friendly Sewang

Hello, everybody!
Welcome to at eco-friendly Sewang.

Sewang Textile, a textile manufacture exporter, has tried to practice its philosophy of being 'a company faithful to the basics' since it was founded in 1978.

This is an era when high value-added industries are highly regarded. New materials and designs based on various creative ideas are essential elements in the current textile industry. Sewang Textile has invested generously to develop advanced fabric and to cultivate able persons in order to position itself as a unique textile exporter in Korea and as a global textile leading company.

As a part of such efforts, Sewang has concentrated on its R/D business through developing an industry-school cooperative program with research centers and schools.
As a result, the company has made 20% growth every year after exporting US$30 million in 2005. The company won the 70 Million Dollars Export Top Award in 2008 and the 100 Million Dollars Export Top Award in 2013, which are significant achievements.

As a communal culture has been established at Sewang based on its stable financial structure and employment policy, management and labor was close relation ships each other as a family. Sewang also places great value on making social contributions. These characteristics of the company are the driving force behind Sewang's development and a source of pride.

Under the motto, 'a company making the future and creating hope,' all members of Sewang will make the utmost efforts to produce and maintain eco-friendly goods based on high quality in order to be a leading textile company in the world.

I sincerely thank you for encouraging and supporting Sewang at all times.


Choe Jae Rak