Main products

Velour, Span Velour, Jersey, Span Jersey, Low temperature span Jersey, High temperature span Jersey, Water dyed knit, Daily production : 45,000Kg/day

Storage, stock

  • 1.Input exact amount and conditions of knitting performance with ERP at time of storing fabrics
  • 2.Establish exact plans through confirming workers' process conditions due to ERP
  • 3.Completely manage delivery using fabric ERP, bar codes and RFID

Dyeing process

  • 1.Proceed with the eco-friendly dyeing process by registering Bluesign
  • 2.Proceed with complete environment-centered dyeing using OE, GOTS
  • 3.Search features of fabrics and information on conditions of knitting performance with ERP
  • 4.Function of searching conditions of dyeing pre-treatment and dyeing conditions
  • 5.The defect rate lowered through rapidly searching data about dyeing conditions of same kinds of yarn
  • 6.Maximize reproducibility using a Color search system
  • 7.Completely track fabrics by process
  • 8.Establish an eco-friendly dyeing process using the latest low-liquor ratio dyeing facilities
  • 9.Minimize peeling through minimizing friction using non-tension dyeing machines

Processing process

  • 1.Improve the drying process owning patented Salvedge drying technology
  • 2.Establish a process to standardize processing conditions
            (temperature, speed, weight, width and others) by material using D/B data
  • 3.Completely track fabrics using a fabric bar code system
  • 4.Own and operate various special processing facilities that can achieve high-sensitivity
  • 5.Operate special processing facilities to improve skewness and shrinkage

Production management

Color Office

  • Own a system to share data using Color D/B by buyer across the world
  • Own Color officially certified licenses by buyer
  • Make Color management of all processes

Color Test

  • Own and operate diverse equipment for Color materialization by buyer
  • Operate laboratories for Color reproducibility
  • Own equipments to experiment with the physical properties of chemicals and dyes

Physiochemical laboratory

  • Own and operate AATCC, ASTM, JIS physiochemical experiment equipments
  • Acquire the international qualification certification for individual researchers (Intertek)
  • Possess the ability to issue certified report cards
  • Operate a delivery system after conducting physiochemical experiments by product before delivery

Technological institute

  • Develop new materials
  • Design new structures and improve dyeing processes
  • Develop materials, design by structure and marketing tools
  • Conduct policy research task projects
Sewang Dyeing